iamamiwhoami – Tap Your Glass


iamamiwhoami began as a YouTube project in 2009, with beguilling distorted vocals and videos of an unidentified naturalist covered in foil and with a penchant for black cats. Rumours of a pop megastar in disguise swirled, as the video series slowly unravelled both an identity and signature sound.

The project’s frontwoman was finally revealed as Jonna Lee, a Swedish singer-songwriter who has revealed a deep understanding of electronic pop with a sound gloriously reminiscent of M83 and Annie.

“Tap Your Glass” comes from iamamiwhoami’s third album blue and is a perfect representation of her vision to visually capture nature and it’s beautiful little details. Killer song too.

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Azealia Banks – Chasing Time


“Chasing Time” is Azealia Banks‘ latest aural stab, off her just released – and brilliant – album Broke With Expensive Taste.

It’s massive with a ’90s house sound, slick beats, popping glitches and an earworm chorus.

The video harks to Janet and Lil’ Kim’s hot 1999 pasty look.

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Marina and the Diamonds – FROOT


A strange, addictive video-game sound from Marina and the Diamonds, “FROOT” is the first from her upcoming album of the same name. Gorgeous silk dress, Marina. I’m ready for more juice.

Peep the video and the just-released cover art for FROOT after the break…

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Arca – Thievery

Arca, AKA Alejandro Ghersi

Arca has recently been making waves by co-producing four tracks on Kanye West‘s 2013 romp Yeezus. Excitement is also building over news he is co-producing Björk‘s forthcoming 2015 album. He’s just released his debut album Xen, which showcases an incredible depth of talent as a solo artist.

“Thievery” is an incredible smack of dark club fuckery.

The official video is a hot, unnerving mix of sexual and asexual slithering movements.

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BANKS – Waiting Game


BANKS has hit a home run with her brilliant, broody album Goddess. Among many highlights such as “Brain” and “This is What It Feels Like”, the pulsing “Waiting Game” is served best with rain and wine.

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